Calahorra Aesop

Calahorra Aesop
Calahorra Aesop

Born in 1988, CALAHORRA AESOP by Am and Aust Ch Delacreme Dragonslayer (imp USA) ex Calahorra Parchment, pictured left at ten years of age in 1998 and still going strong in 2001.

Sire: Am/Aust Ch Delacreme Dragon Slayer (imp USA) Sire: Am Ch Delacreme Avante Garde (USA) Sire: Am Ch Sea Winds Yankee Clipper (USA)
Dam: Am Ch Runners Crème De La Crème (USA)
Dam: Am Ch Runners Crème De La Crème (USA) Sire: Am Ch Misty Moors Chalmondoley (USA) 
Dam: Am Ch Runners Our Own Charisma (USA) 
Dam: Calahorra Parchment Sire: Ch Rothbury Replica Sire: Eng/Aust Ch Dondelayo Statue (imp UK)
Dam: Andiamo Columba
Dam: Calahorra Winters Tale Sire: Ch Shalfleet Shakespeare (imp UK) 
Dam: Calahorra Wisteria